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6 Shower Remodel Ideas
in Arizona

Shower Remodel Ideas in Arizona

Gone are the days of basic tub showers and standard bathroom features in your master bathroom.

You need a place to unwind each day before bed—a place to wake up and feel refreshed. Cramped, ordinary showers don’t have to be the standard. Let luxury be your new standard.

Having a remodeling contractor install a new shower in your master bath can transform your space into a sophisticated sanctuary.

Here’s a shower remodel guide to help you envision and achieve your dream shower.

Shower Remodel Guide in AZ

1. Walk-in shower

Shower Remodel Guide in AZ

Installing a walk-in shower is the first step to making every day a spa day in your home. Walk-in showers can also open up more room in your master bathroom. So, even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, it might still fit.

Not only will it transform your bathroom into a luxury place to relax, but it can significantly increase the value of your home. It is also preferred by older homebuyers, as walk-ins are easier to maneuver and decrease the risk of falls.

Installing a new shower must be done right. Partner with a professional remodeling contractor when starting your shower remodel in Chandler, AZ.

2. Tile

Shower Remodel Guide in AZ shower

Here is where you get to have a bit of fun. There are endless tile styles, colors, and shapes to choose from. Let your personality shine through with funky colors, patterns, and textures. Or, go with simple, monochrome tiles for a minimalistic modern approach.

Tile services in Mesa, AZ can help guide you in choosing tiles and professionally install them for you.

3. Showerhead

6 Shower Remodel Ideas in Arizona

You can have a statement showerhead or one that matches and ties everything together. It’s entirely your preference. Even more, if you expand your shower, you can have multiple showerheads, including a rain showerhead. Your choice can help cultivate a spa-like experience in your master bathroom.

4. Shape

6 Shower Remodel Ideas in Arizona

Do you want a big, narrow, wide, square, rectangle, or curved shower? Depending on the space you have to work with, you can be creative with your walk-in shower shape. The shape and area you choose can also open up more space in your bathroom.

If you want to revamp your bathroom to make it more appealing and lively, be sure to contact Chandler flooring contractors to take care of this for you.

5. Spa-like extras

Spa-like extras

It’s the finishing touches that can bring your full spa experience to the top. Add a steam shower or aromatherapy insert, waterproof speaker, bamboo mat, or even a towel warmer. Whatever you need to refresh and relax.

6. Lighting & windows

Shower Remodel Guide in AZ (2)

Lighting is one of the major factors affecting your shower’s atmosphere. Even if it’s styled beautifully, poor lighting can dampen it. Try lighting the backdrop and ceiling with bulbs or letting in natural light by adding a window or skylight. Tile services in Mesa, AZ can make your vision a reality!

Tips for Getting Your Shower Remodel in AZ Started

Shower Remodel AZ

Are you ready for your personal spa? Now is the perfect time to get started. 

DIYing it is not as fun as HGTV makes it out to be. You can end up spending much more time, energy, and stress than you signed up for.

Partnering with a vetted remodeling contractor can make your project come to life with much less stress and hassle.

But you do need the right remodeling contractor in Arizona. Home remodels are not something you want to or can even easily redo. Don’t bring Unprofessionals into your home’s privacy and invest your hard-earned money and time in regret. 

So, how do you find the right contractors? Ones you can trust with your investment?

That’s where Shop Save & Floor comes in. You can rest easy knowing your home and vision is in good hands. 

Recreate your dream home today with Shop Save & Floor

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